A regular day in the Supermarket after France imposes lockdown

By Artist Vincent Bourilhon

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People in some of Europe’s largest cities are adjusting to a new way of life as governments in France, Spain, the Netherlands and others joined Italy in imposing restrictions on tens of millions of people. The coronavirus has been spreading rapidly across Europe. Italy and Spain remain the most-heavily affected country in the world after China, where the illness first emerged, and this seems to be continued in most European countries.

Last week, the French government imposed nationwide restrictions to curb the virus spread, closing schools, shops, sporting events, theaters, bars, restaurants and ordering people to stay home, except for essential travel.

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Parisian artist Vincent Bourilhon has been practicing the art of photography since he was sixteen. He is a lover of cinema and always in search of poetry and dreams. His personal work reflects his admiration for the discipline.

Living in a place that has restrictions affect us, personally and emotionally. Here is how Vincent describes a visit to the Supermarket in his own town days ago.

" Small and last excursion yesterday in supermarkets where I've seen funny and sad scenes. It's clearly difficult to find some words and sentences to describe what currently happened in France's stores. I'm pretty sure that you already have seen this kind of picture in your feed, but it was important for me to go to a store for real and save those moments which represent the future if we won't change our way of consuming.

The result of those few minutes in this store? Two security guards just for me, which pushed me out. I understand they do their job. I would point out that it was around 3.30 pm when already, a human tide had taken hold of the most essential foodstuffs like milk, frozen food, eggs, and toilet paper. It was complicated and even impossible to take a photo of people's actions and attitudes. They were irritated and frightened probably by the situation or their own behavior. Of course, we think of our hospital staff, and that is quite normal. But we must also think of the precarious employees of the mass distribution who according to their testimonies, only have a pair of gloves as a measure of security, and do not even have bonuses compared to the risks which they run from now on. At the store's exit, the young's employees look tired, exhausted, and probably revolted. Most of them don't know what they will have to do tomorrow, or what time they will finish, and if will getting the virus because of this dangerous place. Yes, general stores are now the most dangerous places you can go without control."

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We have to think about how our actions will affect others. Yes, it is not easy to stay home, it is not easy to obey the rules, but think your actions can be the result of hurting someone next to you. Be responsible for your actions, be kind with people you don't know and it is working hard for you. Maybe when this happens, our world will come again as it was one day.

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